How to Make Your Wedding Photo Book Stand Out


Planning for your wedding is a memorable experience. However, after “D-day”, people will forget so much about your special day except for the feeling of fun everyone had. Making your wedding guests reminisce on the good moments they had at your wedding could be challenging, except when you have a personalized wedding guests’ photobook.

Your wedding photobook is a reflection of you as a couple. You can print any customization photo with good printer according to your wishes. Visit to buy any printer that fulfill your wishes.

Your folks will relate your guests to your special day. The wedding guest photobook will tell your audience the story of your relationship, giving them a chance to comment throughout your wedding day. To make the book unique, you could decide to include your guests’ photos and have them sign by their pictures. Whichever photos you wish to use in your book, MixBook makes it easy for everyone to customize wedding guests’ photobooks.

How will you personalize a wedding guest photobook and make it stand out?

A wedding guest photobook may pass as an unusual thing at first glance, thanks to the simple background images with no accompanying texts and several empty pages. Instead of a wholly filled book with exciting photos and a storyline to follow, a wedding guest book will look like it has its missing pages for you to fill. A customized photobook has a small introduction from you and your partner, a handful of your photos and plenty of space for your wedding guests to scribble their best wishes and greetings.

Wedding guest photobooks are increasingly gaining popularity as an alternative to the boring ready-made guest books that lack your personal touch. Therefore, to make your guest photobook exciting, you could utilize tips like:

Use a pen-friendly type of paper

Your wedding guests will be thrilled to scribble something on your guest book. Opening your guest book a few days after your wedding and realizing that ink from a top page has spread across other pages, making it difficult for you to read through your guests’ messages, is the last thing you want to happen. To prevent such an instance, go for paper types that have an extra matte finish.

Use romantic illustrations and leave lots of space

A typical wedding guest photobook should have romantic photos of you as a couple decorating some of the pages. Leave enough room for your guests to write and decorate the edges with professional illustrations. Use a low contrast design to prevent your guests’ entries from getting lost amidst the vivid images.

Your wedding guest photobook could be an icebreaker on your wedding day, depending on the design you decide to use. Anticipating your big day and the possible number of guests will significantly help in determining the number of photos you might wish to share, and the space you will leave for your guests’ signatures and best wishes.

Your wedding is bound to bring close guests you might have spent years without seeing. Additionally, you could spend several years apart before another get-together brings you close once again. Do not miss the opportunity to bring back your wedding memories. Log in to MixBook today and create a unique way to remember your wedding guests.

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