What Credit Score DO You Need For a Car Loan?


Buying a new car is a big financial step; before you go to the dealership for a new vehicle, Creditors use your credit score to measure how likely you are to repay a loan. If you have a higher credit score, you will get more favor in your interest rate.

Normally, it would help if you had a minimum FICO credit score of 600 to be eligible for a customer-based auto loan, but sometimes it may vary from guarantor to guarantor. Due to the increasing inflation rate affecting the interest rate, securing a subprime auto loan is difficult but not impossible.

According to some sources, 5 percent of total financing fell into the subprime category, with the FICO score varying between 501 and 600. On the other hand, if your credit score is below prime, you may need to go for bad credit in the loan category. This typically has higher interest costs than conventional auto financing.

What is the lowest credit score needed to buy a car?

No official minimum credit score creditor is required across the board to apply. Lenders reviewing your auto application will inspect your income and credit score. However, the majority of borrowers have a score of 661 and higher. Lenders curated the categories and divided them on their score bases.

Range Of Credit Score

Average APR For A New Car

Average APR For A Used Car

(781-850) Super Prime5.64%7.66%
(661-778) Prime7.01%9.73%
(601-660) NonPrime9.60%14.12%
(501-600) SubPrime12.28%18.89%
(300-500) Deep Subprime14.78%21.55%

The curated table list indicates that the largest portion of borrowers financing a car is in the prime category and benefited from the second-best rates. The super prime category of borrowers do not have the best interest rate but are also eligible for 0% APR offers for financing the car. Meanwhile, such financing offers come directly from the automakers. This means you can get ownership as well without paying any interest.

Is it possible to buy a car with no credits?

Yes, it is possible but difficult. It may depend on the credibility of policymakers or creditors looking into people’s cases with no credit the same way they look at people with bad credit. Sometimes, you will need a countersigner, or you may have to buy and deal with offers of in-house financing directly through the dealership.

The trick to build credit before buying a car

These tricks make it easy to finance a car if you can still not get a car loan. This trick will help you, or it might delay your car shopping, so make a portfolio to build your credit.

Timely paying of bills: A payment that takes 30 days past due can damage your score, so at least pay the minimum amount of time on time.

No apply for more credit: Avoid more applications for other credit within six months of applying for a new car loan.

Keep the balance low: The limit of using credits is known as credit utilization, which greatly impacts your score. You may have to apply several tricks to boost your credit score.

Keep the credit account open: It is very important to keep it open unless there is a solid reason to close it. Closing the credit account may reduce your score, negatively impacting your credit utilization.


If you are looking for a new or old car, your credit scores play an important role in building your financial portfolio and may be best for financing options. So, now this observative question: what credit score do you need for a car loan? It is clearer.

Before going to the dealership, obtaining a suitable loan plan from one or more banks is best. That can help you find the best loan deal with extra authority to bargain with the creditor. It could also be helpful to decide how much you can afford to finance a car.

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